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  • What is Ant Wars

    Ant Wars is a browser game in a ant world with thousands of other real players.

    It`s free to play, requires no downloads and is definitely NOT Pay to Win.

    Total players: 263
    Players active: 3
    Players online: 0

    About the game:

    • You will begin with tiny colony with the ambition to create an empire.
    • Build up your colony, wage wars or establish trade routes with your neighbours and master the diplomacy.
    • Play with and against thousands of other real players and conquer the landscape.

    Release Notes


    Version log: 0.9.32
    Fixed a bug that prevented Behemoth of being hatched.


    Version log: 0.9.31
    Added Empire Management tab on colony view. This will make easy to see which resources, troops and HF the player owns.

    To-Do List


    add more units;
    add more techs;
    complete rework of map;
    add tutorial;
    optimize for mobile view;
    add colony view;
    add encyclopedia

    These are some of the Myrmecology facebook groups that our game community belong to.
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    Please choose a server.


    Please choose a server.