How can I create an alliance?

To create an alliance you need an embassy at level 3. To be able to join an alliance you just need an embassy at level 1 and, of course, an invitation to join the alliance.

How do I defend my colony?

As long as there are soldiers in your colony, they will defend your colony automatically.

Can I lose the colony to an enemy?

No. You can be attacked after the 7 day begginer period and lose most of your resources and population, but you cannot lose the colony.

How many workers can forage for resources?

Due to the limited area arround your anthill, only 1000 workers will actually gather resources.

How can I include more that the 1000 workers to forage for resources?

You have to capture at least one hunting field and have them send there (Reinforce hunting field option). The maximum number of workers that will forage for resources in each hunting field is 1000.

Can I own more than one colony?

Yes, from 50 to 50 levels that you have you can hatch a new queen. After you have the new queen, just click on a empty mound on the map and click "Found new colony"

How do I change my colony name?

Go to the profile link on the left, then click on "change profile". You should see a slot with the current colony name that you can change.