Although this short manual is still under construction, it should give the new player with the basics for the gameplay.
First of all, you must realise that the game is still in alpha version, meaning that the game is still in development and is subject to change.

First Steps

You begin with a small colony, with only the queen. A small income of resources is available to you and soon enough you will realize that you need to improve on that.
The first improvements you should build from the start are the granary and the warehouse. Even if you leave the game, the resource income will still be running, so the bigger the space for resources, the more you will have when you come back to the game.

Then you should be focusing on producing some workers. Each worker will carry 1 of each resource from the surrounding area to your colony. However this small surrounding area is enough for only 1000 workers.

Luckily there are hundreds of hunting fields for the taking out there. If you check the map, you will definitely find them. But first, they need to be conquered. This is the moment to build some soldiers. For that you need to improve some infrastructures, like the Incubator. Each unoccupied hunting field is filled with some of your natural predators, so be carefull when trying to capture one of them.

After conquering one hunting field, you should send some workers there to gather resources. These hunting fields are a important strategic resource, so you should always send some soldiers to guard the workers and the hunting field itself.

You should look for an alliance. You can learn alot from veteran players and they can help you with resources. Diplomacy is key in this game.